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Message from the President

If you boil it all down, we’re all pretty similar. “Surf’s Up” and “gone fishin’” or “No friends on a powder day” speak volumes about who we are individually but also collectively. We’ll take it warm, cold, salty, fresh or frozen, but however you take yours, we are admittedly addicted to water. Anatomically we’re over 70% water by volume.

I’ve had the good fortune of spending a lifetime on water. Surfing, fishing, paddling, swimming, you name it, I’ve been hooked my whole life.  I’ve taught ocean rescue to fellow firefighters in Half Moon Bay and ridden the crystalline faces at Teahupoo. I’ve sailed to Hawaii and paddled in BC. With every experience, my conclusions never change: watermen are watermen. From Eskimo fishermen to Polynesian outrigger racers, maybe mankind would be better named watermankind.

Thanks for checking out our catalog. I hope we can do business.  Original Waterman has one goal: provide the best quality, fit, and performance in every garment. We’ve been there and we want to be there for you every step of the way.