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How well do your shorts and ladies suits hold up to the sun, sand and chlorine?
For a long time. If you take care of your suit by washing it at least once a week, you can be set for years. If you have a problem with workmanship, send it back and we will send you a new pair if we can’t fix what is broken on your current pair. A suit should always last for many, many years. If it doesn’t, you, and your shorts, got ripped off.

How many cities do you sell your lifeguard trunks and suits to? Who are some of your happy accounts?
We have been in the lifeguard business for a long time and we sell to over 1900 cities, states, counties, municipalities, water parks and government agencies around the world. We service a good majority of the beaches around the country, such as: The State of California Lifeguards, including Carlsbad, Santa Cruz, San Clemente, Silver Strand, Huntington State and San Diego Lifeguards. We also service the Junior Lifeguards in Encinitas, CA. Other cities and counties include Miami, FL, Dade County, FL, Volusia County, FL, Longbeach, NY and Longbeach, CA Lifeguards. Aside from those, we service municipalities that don’t have beaches in Austin, TX, Portland, OR, State of New Jersey Parks and a good majority of the U.S. Coast Guard and secret Seal team units around the globe. Please call us at (800) 414-3181 if you need to see samples for your agency, and we will get them right out to you.

What’s the story on your four-way stretch boardshorts?
The four-way stretch boardshort is made of a fabric that stretches in four different directions, no restrictions. These are great if you live in your boardshorts; we wear them all day and night. Also, the fabric is fade resistant, even in chlorine and sun. Just remember to rinse them out every once in awhile!

How do I return a product to your Watermen warehouse in California?
It’s easy – give us a call to let us know what you are returning, and we will credit your card once we receive it. However, there are exceptions if the product is worn, embroidered or silk-screened. We are sorry, but we do not take those back. If in doubt, give us a call at (800) 414-3181.

Do you advertise?
Very little. However, we are on Surfline quite a bit. Check the Ponto Cam, Southern California to see our ads. We also give out a lot of swag at events and sponsor the Carlsbad Surf Team with their tees and hoodies. If you need stickers, give us a call and we will send you some for free!

Are there any retail stores that carry the Original Watermen brand and how would I purchase merchandise?
At this time, we only have a few Original Watermen retail accounts, but we are getting more every month. Our Waterman tees are the most popular. Call us if you need to mail-order anything from the site; most days we can ship it out right then.

Do you have distributors?
Yes, we have a few distributors on the Watermen Lifeguard side. Give us a call and we can give you the lowdown on who distributes our goods. Also, we are the exclusive Lifeguard Distributor for “Waterman Applied Science” sunscreen. If you’re an agency, we are the guys to get it from. Call us at (800) 414-3181.

What is your guarantee?
If you’re not totally satisfied with what we shipped you, send it back. We will credit your credit card or send you a check if you paid by cash.

Ohh, and thanks for trusting us with your watermen boardshort and lifeguard needs!