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Lifeguards are who we are...

There are no guidelines to the "Earn Your Salt" motto, for we are constantly searching for the wild unknown that scares us to the point of insanity. Sure, we may seem a bit crazy to those observing our kind with a land-based mindset, but it is the moments of uncertain fate that keep us jumping back into the ocean looking for more. When we are in the ocean our thoughts do not wonder on about the trivial tribulations of everyday life, for we seek the ocean to cleanse our body, minds, and souls. "The ocean giveth and the ocean taketh away" is our mantra and every time we are pushed to the brink of panic and letting go, we fight to stay calm and conquer our fear. It is in moments like these, that no matter how salty, seasoned and experienced we may be, we become even more humbled and gain a deeper respect for the majesty of the ocean that time and time again lets our tired minds and bodies know we have "Earned Our Salt".

Original Watermen’s lifeguard store, or sometimes called the lifeguard shop, is always stocked with the latest cutting edge lifeguard apparel for men and women for your agency. Our lifeguard apparel is made by lifeguards, for lifeguards, so we know what kind of top-performance equipment is needed for resistance training and exercise. Whether use revolves around salt water, sun or chlorine, our lifeguard apparel is satisfaction guaranteed. At Original Watermen, we pride ourselves in manufacturing the best lifeguard apparel you'll find any day and anywhere in America. We understand your ability to efficiently perform your duty of saving lives depends on a proper lifeguard uniform and durable equipment. We help ensure your uniform is always 10-8 and you can count on us to be your go-to provider for all things lifeguard.

Our lifeguard clothing is made to withstand the strenuous and enthralling conditions lifeguards and watermen face on an everyday basis. Seasoned watermen know the level of comfort that is needed for those laborious 15-hour days, and our lifeguard apparel is made by lifeguards who have truly spent a lifetime in the water patrolling, surfing, swimming, diving, paddling – you name it. Original Watermen’s lifeguard apparel idea started in the 80’s with lifeguard boardshorts being sold, out of VW camper van, to local lifeguards and watermen in Carlsbad, California, and quickly grew to suiting the State of California Lifeguards.

Original Watermen’s lifeguard store’s line of lifeguard apparel is very diverse, the range covers swimsuits for womenthrowback retro lifeguard swim trunks for men and top of the line 4-way stretch boardshorts for both men and women. We strive to provide the best quality and comfort in our lifeguard uniforms, and our clothing bears the same standard. For those chilly morning dawn patrols, we have lifeguard clothing that will keep your guards warm and dry even on the coldest spring and winter days. Our Watermen Short compression shorts are worn by lifeguards across the country, and can be used for training and working out in colder or more windy weather. By far our most popular men’s lifeguard jacket in the watermen line is our Sherpa Fleece, which features an unmatched clean professional appearance and has warm fleece throughout to help your guards stay warm and out of the elements when the long hours press on.

Our lifeguard store outfits just over 2000 agencies across the globe, ranging from ocean lifeguards, city pools, water park guards to military special forces. This diversity of agencies demands a wide variety of purposes from their lifeguard uniforms. The swimwear in our lifeguard shop is also quick-drying so you can comfortably go from the water to the tower, and dry quickly with no problem. In our lifeguard store, you will also find the other lifeguard equipment you’ll need and even Jr. Guard swimsuits and gear.

While some lifeguard shops haven’t upgraded their lifeguard uniform design in over a decade, Original Watermen is constantly improving on a new and better fit that is comfortable 15 hours a day. In this big bad-ass and well stocked lifeguard store you will find the most up-to-date cutting edge fabrics and styles to comfortably fit your lifeguard unit. At our lifeguard store the most popular lifeguard uniform – the lifeguard’s boardshorts – are made of a new four-way super stretch fabric, making them the most popular in the industry. For female lifeguards, we have both one- and two-piece designs of lifeguard swimsuits. The Elasta Girl Super Stretch Short is made with the same high-tech four-way super stretch poly microfiber as our men’s line, and can be used both as a regular short and a cover up. At our lifeguard shop, you will notice we can embroider most lifeguard uniforms and swimwear with your agency’s name and logo – give us a call at 800-414-3181 for more information.

The lifeguard store at Original Watermen also carries a full range of lifeguard equipment, including Da Fin rescue fins, the best lifeguard and big wave rescue sleds, lifeguard tubes and cans, backboards, packs and whistles, and most lifeguard First Aid supplies. We're not just about swimsuits, after all. Then again, all of this lifeguard gear goes better with the best swimwear. Original Watermen is known to be the lifeguard uniform leader in the industry and has proven time and time again to have the highest quality standards in lifeguard apparel, swimwear and equipment in this tough and demanding industry. We want you to have the best so you can be set for seasons and years with only one purchase. Our mission is to help you be a quality lifeguard, and hopefully add to your enjoyment along the way. Check out our entire line of gear and apparel at our lifeguard store.