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Original Watermen Develops "Earn Your Salt" Branding

From humble beginnings, Original Watermen has developed into a company serving more than 2,000 lifeguard agencies around the nation and transitioning into retail clothing sales. However, the company was not founded on retail principles, fancy business suits, or expensive college degrees, but instead on the "Earn Your Salt" motto that became a company brand years ago.

Original Watermen supplies lifeguard gear for more than 2,000 lifeguard agencies throughout the nation. As a company that has come to be recognized almost synonymously with lifeguard gear, many do not know that the "Earn Your Salt" branding that started it all has a deep and specific meaning for those who brave the waves.

Watersports are not for everyone. The ocean is a ferocious beast that gives no mercy, no short cuts, and no instructions. People who claim they have mastered the power of the sea are a foolish breed and may never truly have been at the whim of the almighty ocean. Original Watermen is a humble, grass roots company that claims no such folly. Original Watermen understand that the ocean can take life at any moment and respect its undeniable power. Watermen are a strange breed who find energy and release in the sea. The sea gives these individuals life and shapes them into who they are. The ocean is their life’s blood, best friend, worst enemy, and intimate lover. They live their lives attempting to understand the balance between two drops of saltwater.

Always searching for the amazing feeling that the ocean gives us, it is a life-long relationship and Original Watermen will never quit.

There are no guidelines to the “Earn Your Salt” motto, for watermen are constantly searching for the wild unknown that frightens to the point of insanity. They may seem a bit crazy to those observing with a land-based mindset, but it is the moments of uncertain fate that keep watermen jumping back into the ocean looking for more. When they are in the ocean they do not wonder about the trivial tribulations of everyday life, for they seek the ocean to cleanse body, mind, and soul. “The ocean giveth and the ocean taketh away” is their mantra and every time they are pushed to the brink of panic and letting go, they fight to stay calm and conquer fear. It is these moments when watermen, no matter how salty and experienced, become humbled and gain a deeper respect for the majesty of the ocean through which they “Earn Their Salt”.

"Earn Your Salt" came about as a saying in the early days of the development of the Original Watermen. This phrase describes a situation in which the waterman has taken on the sea and maintained composure to counteract the fear and panic that occurs in life-or-death situations. The branding of Original Watermen for "Earn Your Salt" represents the utmost respect for nature and the courage and fearlessness to take on the sea knowing that humans may or may not always win.


Original Watermen is a major supplier of lifeguard gear as well as retail clothing for all water-related sports.

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