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Action Sports Brand Original Watermen introduces their newest team rider, Alex Mauer.

Original Watermen Announces Sponsorship of Newest Team Rider

CARLSBAD, CA -- (Feb. 26, 2013) -- Original Watermen, a nationally recognized supplier of apparel in the action sports industry, recently signed its newest Team Rider, Alex Mauer. Maurer, a Colorado-based stand-up paddle boarder and whitewater river racer, is the first SUP rider on the southern California-based team.

"I'm pretty stoked to be on the team, and am thankful to everyone at Original Watermen for the opportunity to ride on the team," said Mauer. "Being part of the paddling world, it just means a lot to me to be a part of the brand; and the name Original Watermen is so much more than a brand - it is a lifestyle. Being out in the water is where I find my balance in life, I draw my life from being on the water."

Mauer began riding river waves at the age of 12. Over the last few years, Mauer has won several River Surf and Stand Up Paddle competitions, including making a name for himself when taking first place in 2009 and 2010 at the Pueblo River Surf Competition. He continued paving the way for the inland waterman scene in 2011, placing at the Ice Breaker SUP Elite Race, the Boulder Running Company Event and Larson's SUP Cup Elite Race, to name a few. Most recently, Mauer took 3rd in the 2012 Battle of the Paddle Open Class Race, ages 18-29, and first place at the Cherry Creek Chase Competition.

"Having a rider like Alex on the team is a very exciting step for us," said Jeff Jones, Brand Ambassador. "When choosing a new Team Rider, we don’t just look for the best athletes, but athletes with a self-motivated spirit, positive attitude and who are community driven. With Alex being located in Colorado, he understands that when you reach the top, that’s when the climb begins!”

Mauer helped create the inland surf scene, and is a co-founder of the Colorado River Surfing Association (CRSA). This season alone, Mauer helped put on a number of flat-water races, and plans to continue on to work with whitewater competitions as well.

"I feel like I was born in the wrong state," said Mauer with a laugh. "Being landlocked, you see people riding waves on kayaks, called Play Boating. I had a boogie board and thought, 'If they are doing that, I can ride that same wave on my boogie board!' So I started riding waves on my boogie board, then went to drop-knee, and the next step was obviously surfing. I fell in love with that, so I pioneered the surf scene in Colorado, and that transitioned to SUP. I've been hooked ever since."

Mauer progressed quickly, learning about new Colorado breaks from kayakers. Surfing the Glen Wood Wave, a wave that doesn't break, allowed him to surf without time restraints - helping him strengthen his skills. He is also sponsored by Rogue SUP, SUP Life and Paddle Simulator.

Original Watermen has signed several groms over the last year, both locally and nationally. For more information on the Original Watermen Surf Team, visit the Web site at www.originalwatermen.com/team.

In 2011 and 2012, Original Watermen more than tripled sales in retail and mail-order with its surf-inspired clothing. Original Watermen, Inc. owns the trademarks Original Watermen, Watermen, Waterman and Earn Your Salt. In the past year, the company also signed several local, Southern California surfers to their own Original Watermen Surf Team and sponsors the Carlsbad Surf Team.


Like so many great things in the ‘80s, Original Watermen started in the back of a VW bus. Surfer and lifeguard, Ken Miller and future wife Jen, began making and selling water trunks. The first customers were Carlsbad, CA locals and eventually the State of California lifeguards signed up for 36 red shorts. Since those early days, Original Watermen has evolved and grown, now outfitting over 1,900 organizations from local and state agency lifeguards and fire fighters to military Special Forces. The brand Original Watermen has a major following within the retail industry and the hype for what a Waterman truly is has just begun. Original Watermen, as a company, was created with a solitary vision: provide the best quality, fit, and performance in every garment.


Leif Madron, Original Watermen PR Specialist
(760) 599-0990