Earn Your Salt.

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At Original Watermen, we strive to represent and acknowledge all people who live for singular excellence in any and all challenges they face. With our waterman-inspired boardshorts, trunks, tees, hats, hoodies, jackets and other apparel, we pay tribute to all the brave souls who stare down fear and facing it head on, without hesitation.

There is so much more to earning the name waterman than being an average surfer, diver or swimmer. Earning your salt is something a true waterman knows a thing or two about. People often ask us, what does Earn Your Salt mean? Well…Earning your salt begins with a passion that comes from somewhere deep within the self. Whether it’s a huge swell at your local spot or venturing to uncharted waters in search of a new break, a waterman welcomes the unknown. Someone has to get out there first, and any waterman hopes it’s them. 

Even one of the most iconic spots on our own coast was once thought to be an unthinkable break. Named after man’s best friend, a white-haired German Shepherd named Maverick, practically a waterman himself, always paddling out with his owner, took it upon himself to join fellow surfers trying a new spot. Though these surfers deemed the outside, larger break too dangerous, other watermen continued eyeing the break – leaving it to legendary waterman Jeff Clark to be a pioneer in taking on this potentially deadly wave…alone. An average day at Maverick’s at 25-feet can intimidate any seasoned surfer, but spending a lifetime in the water leaves you up for the challenge. Watermen face any oncoming fear head – and board – on.  Toping out at 80-feet, how many would dare take on the task? Only true watermen know and strive for the connection between bravery and fear, but take on the challenge anyway, rising to the occasion.

For all things a waterman would need to engage in this passion, visit www.originalwatermen.com. Our large selection of waterman-based tees, boardshorts, swimsuits, accessories and apparel is sure to be just as resilient the watermen who wear them.