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Original Watermen

Peahi (Jaws)
Waves 3.3 ft Water 77.2°F.
Pipeline, HI
Waves 2.0 ft Water 77.5°F.
Waimea Bay, HI
Waves 2.0 ft Water 77.5°F.
Waves 2.3 ft Water 76.8°F.
Sunset Cliffs, CA
Waves 3.6 ft Water 63.7°F.
Blacks Beach, CA
Waves 4 ft Water 64°F.
Ponto, Carlsbad CA
Waves 3.6 ft Water 63.5°F.
Huntington Beach Pier, CA
Waves 3.3 ft Water 63.3°F.
Dana Point
Waves 3.3 ft Water 63.3°F.
Santa Cruz, CA
Waves 3 ft Water 54°F.
Half Moon Bay CA
Waves 3.9 ft Water 55.9°F.
Hells Mouth, Wales
Waves 2 ft Atmospheric Pressure: 30.29 in (1025.9 mb) Air Temperature: 53°F. Dew Point: 51°F (10.8°C) Water Temperature: 52°F (11.0°C)

Original Watermen Lifeguard 2015 Catalog

Nice Biggy, Mexico and beyond!
Video Complements of Travis Kuhlman.
Earn Your Salt

"Earn Your Salt"

There are no guidelines to the "Earn Your Salt" motto, for we are constantly searching for the wild unknown that scares us to the point of insanity. Sure, we may seem a bit crazy to those observing our kind with a land-based mindset, but it is the moments of uncertain fate that keep us jumping back into the ocean looking for more. When we are in the ocean our thoughts do not wonder on about the trivial tribulations of everyday life, for we seek the ocean to cleanse our body, minds, and souls. "The ocean giveth and the ocean taketh away" is our mantra and every time we are pushed to the brink of panic and letting go, we fight to stay calm and conquer our fear. It is in moments like these, that no matter how salty, seasoned and experienced we may be, we become even more humbled and gain a deeper respect for the majesty of the ocean that time and time again lets our tired minds and bodies know we have "Earned Our Salt".