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Peahi (Jaws)
Waves 6.9 ft Water 79.0°F.
Pipeline, HI
Waves 4.3 ft Water 79.5°F.
Waimea Bay, HI
Waves 4.3 ft Water 79.5°F.
Velzy Land, HI
Waves 2.3 ft Water 62.6°F.
Sunset Cliffs, CA
Waves 4.9 ft Water 66.7°F.
Blacks Beach, CA
Waves 4.9 ft Water 66.9°F.
Ponto, Carlsbad CA
Waves 4.3 ft Water 66.9°F.
Huntington Beach Pier, CA
Waves 3.9 ft Water 65.5°F.
Dana Point
Waves 3.9 ft Water 65.5°F.
Santa Cruz, CA
Waves 6.6 ft Water 59.7°F.
Half Moon Bay CA
Waves 8.5 ft Water 60.8°F.
Hells Mouth, Wales
Waves 4.9 ft Water 55.4°F.

"Earn Your Salt"

The Wedge Sept. 2014

There are no guidelines to the "Earn Your Salt" motto, for we are constantly searching for the wild unknown that scares us to the point of insanity. Sure, we may seem a bit crazy to those observing our kind with a land-based mindset, but it is the moments of uncertain fate that keep us jumping back into the ocean looking for more. When we are in the ocean our thoughts do not wonder on about the trivial tribulations of everyday life, for we seek the ocean to cleanse our body, minds, and souls. "The ocean giveth and the ocean taketh away" is our mantra and every time we are pushed to the brink of panic and letting go, we fight to stay calm and conquer our fear. It is in moments like these, that no matter how salty, seasoned and experienced we may be, we become even more humbled and gain a deeper respect for the majesty of the ocean that time and time again lets our tired minds and bodies know we have "Earned Our Salt". More


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The word lifeguard may be self explanatory, but the actual meaning of what it is to be a lifeguard is much more complicated. Obtaining the title of lifeguard is no easy task; however, it is one that stays with that person his/her entire life. When the word lifeguard comes to mind most people conjure up mental images of an overly faked tanned David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson running down the beach lubed with baby oil. More?

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The Lifeguard Story...

It's now 0630 on the big day and Bruce's mom has just woke her star child with breakfast in bed and dad is pumped. Bruce, accompanied by his parents, drives to the beach after breakfast to watch their son put all that training to the test. When they arrive at the beach Bruce is wondering what exactly he is getting himself into. The surf is the biggest it has been in years and it looks like the tryouts are still being held. The water is 55 degrees Fahrenheit and wetsuits are not allowed because of longtime tradition and the advantage of floatation.(read on below)

Watermen Hats, Boardshorts, Hoodies or the Waterman Pant are chosen by most Watermen and Lifeguards across the globe! Known for our exceptional quality, comfort and fit. Original Watermen products last almost forever!

Watersports are not for everyone. The ocean is a ferocious beast that gives no mercy, no short cuts, and no instructions. People who claim they have mastered the power of the ocean are foolish in their thinking and have never truly been at the whim of the almighty ocean. Watermen understand that the ocean can take their life at any moment and completely respect its undeniable power. They gain their energy in the ocean and release it into the sea, the sea gives us life and shapes us into who we are. The ocean is our life's blood, best friend, worst enemy, and intimate lover. We live our lives' attempting to understand the balance between two drops of saltwater, always searching for the amazing feeling that the ocean gives us, it is a life-long relationship that we will never give up.

Lifeguards off duty

That rather unique television series "Bay Watch" did a number to what people believe lifeguarding is all about. Sure the job has its perks, but lifeguarding isn't just hard bodies, sun, sand, parties, and white zinc on your nose. Lifeguarding is not just a glamorous summer job; it is a lifestyle that only the most mentally strong can endure.

A lifeguard is never really off-duty, just look at any veteran lifeguard he/she will not turn his/her back on the water, and will most likely have a pair of swim fins close at hand at any given time. Ask any lifeguard about the most critical rescue he/she has made and you might be surprised to learn that the best rescues made are often off-duty.

At Original Watermen we measure our success by the performance of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. If you're new to us, welcome aboard...it's time to Earn Your Salt! Read on