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Compression Shorts - Watermen Shorts

Compression garments are basically a fancy word for tights, and have taken some time for the action sports community to catch wind about the benefits. Compression garments have been around for a long time, and as sports medicine progressed so did the discovery on the value of them. Originally worn by patients needing better circulation of blood in the body, and currently by athletes to prevent rashes, injury, and minimize speed loss due to friction from the air or water. Compression shorts also known as the Watermen Short for those with a water based mindset are what we have found to be a lifesaver in the ocean environment.

Compression ShortsCompression shorts are currently being looked at by the sports medicine community, for the benefits of reducing injuries and lowering the recovery time post workout. Another bonus of the sleek hydrodynamic or aerodynamic design helps to make the contact between the air and water interface, as close to being naked as possible, but with the added benefit of skin rash, and chafing protection. For those who know the feeling being completely spent after a hard workout, it comes as a double-edged sword. On one hand you are feeling great after a stress reducing hard workout or yoga session, but on the other you know the soreness that will surely follow the next day. Compression shorts have been found to keep muscles in tip-top shape when used during exercise and shorten the recovery time.

What about us water loving types, do the same benefits apply to those who spend countless hours in the water each year? While the science is hard to replicate in the ocean because every human is different and the environment is so extreme, it can hardly be replicated in the lab, compression shorts are known to the scientific community to increase circulation in the specific area under exercise induced stress on muscles and the body overall. Original watermen has finally succeeded in the difficult attempt to bridge the gap and make compression shorts fit for the harsh ocean environment. We call them the Watermen Short and hope your ocean endeavors are made sweeter by the fruits of our labor.

The positive effects of compression have been shown in a wide variety of applications. Compression garments aid to assist the body in keeping all systems operating at top efficiency and performance. When exercising the body sends more blood to the areas being used most crucially to cool itself. This takes critical blood away from the muscles that are asked so very much of when in high use situations. Compression shorts keep the body insulated at the core and blood circulation flowing smoothly. It is hard to argue that the core is the most important area of the human body when it comes down to total body exercise.

The extreme conditions in which many watermen thrive in are just more pieces to the puzzle that make ocean sports so unique. The use of the Watermen short by Original Watermen in the cold ocean environment is very crucial to performance swimmers, long distance swimmers, sprint paddlers, Molokai paddlers, stand up paddlers, river kayakers, and every water enthusiast in between. The ocean is a brutal environment where conditions are rarely optimal for the human body to flourish and grow stronger. The body is cooled by blood from the extremities being sent back through the core for heating and then out again to the muscles that are growing more fatigued by the second in the swimmer or paddlers arms and legs. Water colder than the normal human body temp ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit serves to cool the body down and creates excellent operating conditions unless that water is much too cold, which it more than likely is. It is fair to say that the human body is hardly built for survival in the ocean for extended periods of time, so we must protect ourselves and keep our bodies operating in peak shape.

Compression shorts are a simple solution for triathletes to utilize maximum body performance in and out of the water. Cold muscles are slow muscles. Olympic swimmers train with full body compression suits to maximize speed and muscle efficiency in the water, so why shouldn’t everyday water enthusiasts use the same techniques. Unless one is fortunate to live in a climate where the ocean water is above seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit we must rely on wetsuits for the exposure to the cold if the athlete wishes to have any notable stay in chilly water.

watermen shortWatermen shorts are compression shorts built by the tough lifeguard tested company here at Original Watermen. The watermen shorts are best worn as underwear for workouts both wet and dry. They can be worn under wetsuits, under running shorts, or by themselves for maximum drag resistance. Race athletes looking to shave minutes off their personal best times all utilize the simple sleek design of compression garments. The core is the most important part of the body when exercising in extreme environments, so why shouldn’t it be guarded by the best compression shorts on the market. Compression shorts by Original Watermen are the result of hours of pain induced exercise and commitment to keeping the body warm and working properly in the rigorous ocean environment. Our board short liners work wonders when worn as a compression short and have been put through the ringers by our team of paddle racers, rough water swimmers, run-swim-runners, spear fishermen, freedivers, surfers, S.C.U.B.A divers, and have endured countless hours under wetsuits when surfing. Our team has reported a very positive response to increased performance when used for just about everything. The use of compression shorts in adventure and endurance watersports are becoming widely used and we believe they are the future of water related exercise the world over. Original Watermen is a company built on core lifeguarding and heavy ocean affection. The ocean is our life’s blood and the watermen shorts are a product we are truly proud of. Stop by Originalwatermen.com and check out our line of fun patterns and simplistic colors surely to appeal to every die-hard water lover. Stay Salty ® my friends. Originalwatermen.com