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Lifeguard Shorts

Since the weird and wild 80’s and right up to present day, Original Watermen’s lifeguard shorts have been the favored short by most beach and government agencies across the globe. Starting with the company’s first guard short being sold out of a 1985 Volkswagen camper van. The first line of shorts were sold to local Carlsbad watermen, and then to the California State Parks lifeguards, we are now proudly outfitting over 2000 organizations worldwide.  Original Watermen’s lifeguard shorts have been put to the test time and time again!

Our popular line of Retro Lifeguard Shorts features our most streamlined cut, without entering our racing category. Lifeguards love the fit because of the super supportive, comfortable, soft, breathable Cool Plus Liner used rather than the competition’s standard, a chafing port-hole mesh liner. For those of you that don’t know about port-hole mesh liners, this is a double NO-NO in the lifeguard industry (and the competent beach community for that matter).  It is basically a low-grade sandpaper with holes in it for “breathing”, NOT the liner you want keeping your mast and sails rash free when working a heavy day in and out of the water. The Cool Plus Liner is made with super soft, top of the line materials that are designed to keep you cool on those hot and humid days as a lifeguard. Most rashes encountered when wearing lifeguard shorts are caused by the wet shorts constantly rubbing against the skin of the user; however the retro lifeguard short is designed to be completely dry in less than twenty minutes in optimal conditions. It could be argued that the most important qualities in a pair of lifeguard shorts are a pair that will not give you the mother of all man-parts rashes, and take all day to dry.  You need a pair of shorts that will keep you comfortable while working all day in and out of the water! The short has a five-inch inseam, yea that’s right 5”, like what we had in the 70’s, but they are even more comfortable because of the latest high tech fabrics used that were not available back then.  For the more conservative types, we have longer lifeguard shorts that are similar in style but just a tad longer. Original Watermen also has stretch boardshorts called the Mick or model # M7K. This highbred suit will keep your guards happy and comfy until the cows come home, and that fat, sunburnt, tourist lady at your beach finally sings. Rumor has it one seasoned guard, on a local California beach, purchased a pair in June, took them off to shower (once a week), never washed them and left for college in September with the same short on under his jeans. Who knows? He may still have them on in preparation for next season.  As always, all of our shorts are quick to dry and are available in the latest styles and colors.  Did we mention the Mick Model # M7K is the most preferred boardshorts on the beaches of California and Florida??

Not to leave our water women out, our line of women’s lifeguard shorts are just as cutting edge as our men’s line. Yes, these too, are made of four-way stretch quality fabrics that hold up to sand, sun and chlorine. Our most popular women’s short is the Elasta Girl Super Stretch Short made of 100% poly micro-stretch. The new stretch short fabrics are the next wave of technology for shorts and boardshorts in general. We also make women’s shorts that are specifically made based on what California guards asked for – shorts that are quick drying, unbinding, minimize chafe, fit just right, and can be worn from sunrise right on through that infamous lifeguard rookie party.

With Original Watermen’s apparel, you can truly live in your shorts.  Any of our watermen lifeguard shorts are guaranteed to be the most comfortable short you will ever own. Our shorts have pockets that are designed to drain instantly and are big enough to accommodate MTS and XTS series Motorola radios, you can even throw a cell phone in there too.  These pockets are deep and are designed to ensure your change, keys, incident slips, and radio won’t fall out when you sit down in the unit or tower.

At Original Watermen, we live to make sure you have the most resilient lifeguard shorts on the planet.  When the trunks you wear are your everyday go-to uniform short, you need to know that these babies were made to outlast any other brand on the market.  Basically, we have lived like you; in, under, and around the water our entire life and we at Original Watermen make it our call to duty to make sure you are dialed into the best products available in any watermen industry. We know that good, sturdy, reliable equipment is a must, and you can always depend on the high-end, top of the line fabrics and components from Original Watermen. Please check us out at  www.originalwatermen.com or give us a call at 1.800.414.3181