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Lifeguard Store

Original Watermen’s lifeguard store or to some heavies in the industry call it the lifeguard lounge! This outlet is  always stocked with the latest cutting edge lifeguard gear  and or Boardshorts for your agency. Original Watermen is known to have all the water products to fully outfit your rescue swimmers, seal team units or beach or pool lifeguards. Our lifeguard apparel is made by lifeguards, for lifeguards, we know what kind of top-performance equipment is needed for resistance  training, exercise, and strenuous activity lifeguards do on a daily basis. Whether use revolves around salt water, sun or chlorine, our gear is satisfaction guaranteed.

The Watermen lifeguard store outfits just over 2000 agencies across the globe, ranging from ocean lifeguards, city pools, water park guards to military special  forces. Our swimwear is also proven to be quick drying, so lifeguards can comfortably go from the water to the tower and dry quickly with no problem. In the lifeguard lounge or store, you will also find Jr. Guard swimsuits and other lifeguard equipment. The lifeguard warehouse carries a complete line of Jr. Guard swimwear, from swimsuits, trunks and Jr. Lifeguard rashguards to backpacks and Da Fins surf rescue fins.

While some lifeguard stores haven’t upgraded their lifeguard uniform or apparel design in over a decade, Original Watermen is constantly improving on a new and better fit that are comfortable 15 hours a day. In this big bad-ass and well stocked lifeguard store you will find the most up-to-date cutting edge fabrics and styles to comfortably fit your lifeguard unit. The Watermen Stretch short is made of a new four-way super stretch fabric, making it the most popular boardshort in the industry. For female guards, we have both one- and two-piece swimsuit designs. The Elasta Girl Super Stretch Short is made with the same high-tech four-way super stretch poly microfiber as in our men’s line, and can be used both as a regular short and a cover up. Within our lifeguard outlet, you will notice the Original Watermen company can embroider most swimwear with your agencies name and logo – give us a call for more information.

This store also carries a huge selection of water and ocean inspired tees and cold weather clothes. We are continually striving to improve and provide the best quality, fit, function and comfort in all of our lifeguard products. Our lifeguard store carries a new Watermen Pant that is worn by guards across the country, and can be used for training and working out in colder weather.

The lifeguard store at Original Watermen also carries a full range of equipment, including Da Fin rescue fins, the best lifeguard and big wave rescue sleds, lifeguard tubes and cans, backboards, packs and whistles and most lifeguard First Aid supplies. Original Watermen is known to be the lifeguard uniform leader in the industry  and has proven time and time again to have the highest quality standards concerning swimwear and equipment in this tough lifeguard industry. To view our entire lifeguard lounge or lifeguard store, visit our Web site at or give a call at 1-760-599-0990