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Watermen Defined

True Watermen are a rare breed—oceanic gurus.

A Waterman is not a rank, self-proclaimed title, or a fad; it is a lifestyle. Some think true Watermen appear in glossy magazine ads, on gigantic billboards and edgy television spots. While this may be true for a very select few, most “Original Watermen” do not clamor for the spotlight. They seek what they know, the Ocean. Elite Watermen are not interested in proving themselves to the world; they are humble and let their actions speak for themselves. Watermen are like mangrove trees living half in and half out of the water. Watermen, like the Mangrove, depend on the ocean for survival, fitness, nutrients, and (in some ways) a purpose and meaning to life. Watermen are able to translate the language of the sea to those willing to listen, and as a result we can compare the tree’s land based half to the manner in which watermen are lifetime ambassadors of the ocean.

No matter what your beliefs may be it is impossible to ignore the fact that watermen have contributed a vital role for the survival of mankind. One might speculate that Watermen have contributed to the survival of mankind by teaching his/her ways of living from the sea to future generations thus allowing survival in tough times when terrestrial food was scarce. The Jarawa tribe in Indonesia is a great recent example of this; when the ocean water on their island receded on December 26, 2005 they knew, because of knowledge passed down to them, to run high in the hills rather than going and scavenging the free meals left by the receding ocean. All of the Jarawa peoples survived the devastating tsunami that destroyed the less informed neighboring tribes.

While many try to become what they consider one with the ocean, only those with salt water in their veins achieve aquatic greatness. True Watermen are a rare breed – oceanic gurus.

The ocean quenches the Waterman. It restores the life within, nurtures the soul, and provides him/her with the essential salt in their blood needed for a lifestyle like none other found on this planet . When a true Waterman is away from the sea he or she will begin to dry up and become unsatisfied with terrestrial life. Just the smell of the sea will bring memories of sleepless nights sailing through heavy seas, big fish caught with small spears and possibly the very meaning to their existence.

Watermen don’t need a fresh water shower, because Watermen are most comfortable with salt in their blood, on their skin, hair and eyes.

The sea calls to everyone, but watermen speak the language of the sea. Surfing, free diving, paddling, kayaking, ocean swimming or even lifeguarding alone does not make a Waterman. Watermen are defined by those who speak the language of the sea. They learn the language of the sea by the accumulation of experiences, using a variety of “tools of the trade” in the sea, some good, and some bad. It is these experiences that give Watermen the indepth understanding of the ocean only a Waterman would know.