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Original Watermen Launches New Marketing Campaign

Due to a new advertising campaign covering three magazines as well as online ads, Original Watermen's sales have quadrupled over the past 60 days.

Original Watermen, a brand born in the surf with the motto "Earn Your Salt," recently launched a new advertising campaign in three distinct markets as well as online. As a result of the new ads, sales over the past 60 days have quadrupled, and new retailers are showing interest in carrying the hot new brand.

This new advertising blitz was released through three targeted publications: Surfer Magazine, SUP Magazine and Canoe and Kayak Magazine. According to Lief Madron, marketing coordinator, "The choice of these magazines was made due to their strong affiliations with the groups that normally appreciate our products: surfers, lifeguards and watermen of all types. By advertising in these magazines, we have targeted our advertising efforts to include those in our strongest markets."

The company has also advertised heavily through Surfline, a website with a heavy East Coast presence. Although Original Watermen is located on the West Coast, the company also has a strong presence with lifeguard organizations in the East. More Eastern groups were targeted with banner ads for Surfer, SUP and Canoe and Kayak online. The campaign proved successful, with a huge jump in online orders for the Watermen side of the company. Increases were noted from all areas and markets across the U.S.

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Original Watermen, created by Ken Miller, provides quality surf and swim gear for more than 2,000 lifeguard agencies nationwide. Original Watermen's motto, "Earn Your Salt," not only refers to the surf and lifeguard lifestyle but to the high quality standards the company sets for each of its products.


Leif Madron, Original Watermen PR Specialist
Original Watermen
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